People were completely floored on November 8th when they learned someone from the entertainment industry had won an election.  Sure, many people had seen him on Television for years, but was he really ready to govern?  Was this sort of a joke?  Sure, being a boss or running an entertainment company was not going to be the same as making decisions that would impact the lives of people who very badly needed whomever held that position to be as ready as possible.


Yep, a familiar face America had seen on Television for many years, took the oath of office, and America held its’ breath.  Since taking that oath, people have either been die-hard for him, or against him.  


On November 8, 1966, Ronald Reagan was elected Governor of California, creating a trend of those in media and entertainment trying their hands at politics.  50 years later, on that same day, Donald Trump was elected President of the United States.   Where will you be November 8, 2066?